About Me


Headphone Review expert

Hello, and welcome to my website Resistor Productions.

My name is Laurent and I’m an audiophile, and a reviewer of audio products: Headphones, Earphones , Portable Amplifiers, Speakers and more. On Resistor Productions you will find my reviews of these products and news articles about some new products every once in a while. My audio journey began a number of years ago; back then, I was searching for a new set of headphones, and honestly, I was clueless on what pair to choose out of the so many options that were available in the market. I came to the well-known forum.  Since then, many things have changed, and I’ve learned a lot about headphones, earphones and sound-quality.

I have started Resistor Productions back in January 2011 in order to be a place where I’ll post my reviews, and since then I’ve posted here many interesting reviews, a thing which I’ll continue to do in the future too. Hopefully, my reviews would interest you, and help you choose the right headphones.

I’m planning to create a dedicated Youtube channel for posting various unboxing videos and Headphone reviews.

If you’ve got any questions, you can always feel free to contact me via my website’s contact form, or just e-mail me at: lauren.expert@outlook.com